1994 Fleetwood Radio

Started by Dan Marinola, August 06, 2009, 07:49:02 AM

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Dan Marinola

I have a 94 Fleetwood with a radio problem. Does anyone know if I purchase a head end radio ( the part in the dash) if I need to have the ECM scan it for it's serial number to allow it to play? Is there some kind of antitheft system on these radios? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks,Dan.
Daniel P. Marinola

Walter Youshock

The part in the dash is just a control head.  The actual "radio" and amplifier is buried somewhere inside your dashboard.
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Dan Marinola

Thanks for the reply Walter but I think the rest of the "radio"is in the trunk mounted close to the antenna. The question is do I have to reacquaint the head end radio in the dash with the ECM of the car to make it play. Something about antitheft of radio components from the factory. Thanks,Dan
Daniel P. Marinola

Walter Youshock

Right you are--it IS in the trunk!  That was a smart move that came way too late.

Anyway, you shouldn't have to do anything to "reacquaint" the radio.  Just plug it in.

Is there anything in your Owner's MAnual regarding a Theftlok feature on the radio?  I thought that came later, like 1996.
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some gm radios require a scan tool be plugged in and the vin programmed in order to work....requires you show a receipt of purchase for the replacement radio as they likely will not reprogram for fear of it being stolen.


I worked at a dealership in 1994 and swapped many of these units into and out of sold cars for customers.  You can just plug it in and go.  No computer coordination is necessary at all.  The only trick is not losing any of the tiny clips that hold the upper woodgrain moulding on!
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