1974-1976 Hood Hinges

Started by EAM 17806, August 28, 2009, 09:11:30 PM

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EAM 17806

Just a little food for thought!  I just received a word of advice from one of the best, John Gatley of Roxbury, Ma, who said all you guys with big heavy hoods like the 74-76 Caddys better be certain to keep those hinges well oiled because it is getting kind of difficult to find new or good used ones. They are breaking down due to lack of keeping them oiled up.  A word to the wise should be sufficient.  EAM
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They are my best sellers when I can find them to sell.  Nearly all my Eldorados are missing hood hinges due to sales.  This makes it a real pain to work under the hood later on.

Also to test them what you do is close the hood and then lift up on the rear corners by the windsheild.  There should be none or very little up and down movement, if there is than it is wore out.

Also 71-74 are the same.  Then 75-78 Eldo and 75-76 Deville are the same.  I have 3 cars left in the 75-78 era that have hood hinges but they all have some movement and I don't think they would be good to sell, even though the hood seems to work okay.

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TJ Hopland

Or just exchange your worn out ones for a rebuilt set.


I got a set for my eldo about 10 years ago.  They now have a bit of movement in the back but some of that is alignment which is difficult on my car because it got tweaked early in its life. 
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