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Started by fnoti, April 16, 2010, 10:05:21 AM

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Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let the forum know that I just received my newly refinished steering wheel from "steering wheel" Bob Monetti out of NJ.  He was awesome to work with and did a fantastic job.  My original wheel had about 40 cracks and gauges in it.  The steering wheel now looks brand new.  We had an issue with UPS damaging the finished wheel in shipping but Bob was right on top of it and repaired the damage the UPS caused.  I just felt that I wanted to recommend him in case anyone is looking to have their wheel redone.

TJ Hopland

Whats the ballpark cost of this process?  I assume it can vary somewhat based on year and model.

Does he do the centers also like the later 60's and up cars had?
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