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Started by Jimmy S, June 03, 2010, 10:27:52 AM

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Jimmy S

I found it amusing and ironic that in the current issue of the Self Starter, with the article dealing with ww tires, and on page 15 the author states in a caption about the authenticity of the width of ww tires, and in the picture right below that one, there is a picture of his car with an aftermarket RR grill.

jp70deville-CLC #24151

I know what you mean Jimmy..A  letter from the editor summed it up in the latest Self Starter...and to paraphrase, we might not like what is written or what we see, but we have a love and/or own the greatest car in the world...I got into trouble on the PCS site  voicing my opinion, being a funeral director, of  how tasteless I thought it was that a member showed his hot rod hearse with a slut in stilettos over the car..In the sense that I bury the dead and respect the families I serve in my daily life, and having buried both of my parents in one of these automobiles made me uneasy..but I listened to his side and just said "ok" you are entitled to your opinion and I have to respect it...As hard headed as I am, I enjoyed the author's article and conceded....even if I really didn't want to
I have 1.6 ww on mine, though not proper...WOW!! They set her off Beautifully. Let's keep on loving what we love! Peace!!
Jeff --CLC 24151