How can i find out where my car was built ?

Started by Bill Balkie 24172, August 13, 2010, 02:30:52 PM

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Bill Balkie 24172

Hello ,  I have the build sheet for my 1957 Seville  .  The out let code is OMA (Omah. Neb) Body # 1852.. order # 399H  Is there a way of finding out what state and Factory it came from ?  Is it possible to find out the dealership ? and who purchased the car new ?  Thanks Bill
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Otto Skorzeny

If I'm not mistaken, the Clark Street plant, also known as Detroit Assembly, was the only one that built Cadillacs.

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From what you say, it appears that your car was first shipped to a Cadillac dealership in Omaha, Nebraska (were there more than one in Omaha, at the time?).  Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM did not publish (or even keep?) the names of original buyers/owners. It is possible, nevertheless, that the dealership in Nebraska might have kept a "client list". Finding that dealership and the (possible) "client list", 53 years later, won't be easy. Good luck!  ...I'm guessing a "meat baron" !
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Tom Hall 7485

As of 1957, OMA was Bernard Brothers, Inc. at 2525 Dodge Street, Omaha.  This from a directory of distributors dated 1957.

That distributor could sell the car from his own retail store(s) or sell it wholesale to any authorized Cadillac dealer in his territory, or trade it brand new to a dealer outside his territory after obtaining GM's permission.  The extent of that territory is not known precisely today. but probably included at least a quarter of Nebraska's approximately 31 dealers that year (especially ones in eastern Nebraska), as Bernard Bros. was the only distributor in Nebraska at that time.  There is also a possibility the territory included one or two dealers in far western Iowa.  Other distributors covered certain other parts of Nebraska.

Sorry to say, by itself the 1957 Cars Built report cannot be very strong proof of the location of the first retail sale.
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