Traded my 57 75 Series

Started by kelly, August 16, 2010, 10:28:55 PM

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 Hello Cadillac/LaSalle Fans,
  I just did a trade (of sorts) with my cousin. He had a really nice, but neglected '64 Olds Starfire Convertible that he did not care for much.  We are both in funeral service, but he also provides hearses and limos to other funeral homes.  The idea of having the 75 series appealed greatly to him, so we worked the trade. It was a good outcome for both of us.  He is not a gearhead, but he got a ready to go car and a relative who can help him keep it that way.  I got a really solid rag top that needs love.  Both cars stay in the family.
  I will likely turn my attention toward the new project, but cannot turn my back on where I have been with the Caddy.  I may not visit the forum as often as I have the past few years, but will always be available to assist in anyway possible on all things 1957 Cadillac 75 series.  Please feel free to e-mail me directly at  . See you on a cruise.
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin
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David King (kz78hy)


The local CLC has a Burger Run tomorrow night @ Potbellies on Woodard.  I think it is between 14 and 15 mile roads, or at least close to there.  The cars are supposed to be there around 5:00.  You should come down and check it out, last year was great.

My tattered Brougham will be there and the lot will be full of Caddy's.

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Barry M Wheeler #2189

Hi Kelly,

Does your Starfire have the Tri-star bezels on the high beams? When I had a '64 Super 88 four door Holiday hardtop, I saw a Starfire on a used car lot once, and it had the fancy bezels, so I ordered a pair from the Olds dealer. They have a three pointed "star" cast over the bezel and really look sharp. Good luck with the car. Barry.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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  It does indeed have the tri-star piece over the high beams. Also has a ton of stainless bright work all over the car. Very flashy unit.
Kelly Martin
1957 Fleetwood 75
2008 DTS