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68 Deville Pinion Seal Replacement?

Started by Bob Steur, October 19, 2010, 02:17:03 PM

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Bob Steur

Anyone ever replaced a pinion seal on one of these? I have the driveshaft off already. Doesn't look like it's leaking too badly but, depending on the degree of difficulty I thought I'd get it while the driveshaft is off.

Dave Shepherd

Once you get the yoke off it is routine, pry out the old seal, lube the lip of the new one,  make sure the lip faces into the diff, some sealer on the outer edge of the seal may be in order, gently tap it squarely in, re -torque the pinion per shop manual. if the yoke will not come off do not beat it off you will damage the pinion bearings, use a suitable puller.