1962 Coupe DeVille - need voltage regulator

Started by NorahVanstone, October 18, 2010, 02:12:06 PM

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I have a 1962 Coupe DeVille with 19,912 miles that was DOA after transport from Cali. After I got it running I took it for a test drive on the highway where it completely died, no spark, no Oil light going on, no anything.

My mechanic told me the voltage regulator is fried. I need to purchase a new one, I found one on eBay but it is for a 63 DeVille, will the application work on the 62? Any help is appreciated. We want to try that first before rebuilding the generator.

Margaret Rasor

Dave Shepherd

You shouldn't have to " try" anything ,there is a simple procedure to check gen output that any good mechanic can do, if it is the reg. Napa and Rockauto.com  have them.


I agree with Dave - get the local regulator. If you really want originality (and the dead regulator is correct), then swap out the outer cover.

Jim Eccleston
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Thanks for the input.

I found a NOS regulator, made in USA. $45 plus shipping. Local I found them for over $65 and Rockauto.com had it for $68.79 plus shipping, for a total of $76.36. I have the instructions from the mechanic who worked on the car out in Cali and he provided me with instructions for the mechanic here on how to replace it and polarize it. The mechanic here did not claim the generator was trashed, he just suggested it might be. I will ask him to test it.

We also discovered that the bar light on the dash above the radio would not go off and we suspect this is why the battery was run down in transit. I checked with the previous owner's mechanic, again, and he said the car did not have that problem before it was transported.

Even in the best of circumstances, transport has some risk. All things considered, it could have been a lot worse. Thanks to both of you, Dave and Jim for all the input!
Margaret Rasor