92/94 STS Steering wheels interchangeable?

Started by Tore R. Klerud, CLC#20146, November 02, 2010, 04:47:52 PM

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Tore R. Klerud, CLC#20146

Hello folks, long time no post.

I just jumped on a chance to buy a 1992 STS for use as a daily driver, as I was offered one at a fragment of what these cars normally sell for over here. Sort of an "if it floats, it floats"-deal.

However, the boxy, square center design of the 92 doesn´t look too good (polite understatement). The design of the 93 (first Northstar year) wheel is downright ugly. But the 94-97 version is in my opinion great looking. And I think I have a chance to obtain one of those.

Question: Will it fit on my 92 car? Not only hardware-wise, but with regards to the airbag electronics and so on?

Thanx for any help!

Regards, Tore
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