Started by gerald ross, November 18, 2010, 02:57:18 PM

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gerald ross

I have question for you erudite members of the community:  What is the significance of the gold roman numeral 7 badge on the grill of my 1990 brougham.  someone told me that it's there on my particular car (not orig owner) to signify that this was the seventh caddy bought by the original owner.  as it ihappens to be my seventh cadillac that story thrilled me, but seeing several other '90s era broughams with the same badge i'm beginning to wonder.  does anyone out there know the truth?


Yes, those are the "Heritage of Ownership" badges that were sold as a (very expensive) accessory to new car owners, to signify the number of Cadillacs that they had owned.
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When I worked atthe dealership from 1992-1996 they were a giftto all Cadillac owners for free with your purchase.
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Sounds to me like a bit of "Snob" value.   Or, "I am rich"?

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Indeed they were free.  But only to new Cadillac buyers.  I tried to buy one back then (for a late model used Cadillac) and the dealer couldn't help me.