New Cadillac hearses?

Started by Rich S, January 02, 2011, 01:25:27 PM

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Rich S

I've read that Cadillac intends to leave the "hearse and stretch limousine" business to other manufacturers, and although this is not a Cadillac article, I thought it would be of interest to those members interested in the "professional cars:"

To me, the new hearse vehicle under development by Lincoln (based on their MKT platform) looks hideous! I've got to remember to specify in my Will that my last ride must be in a Cadillac vehicle!!!
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Tim Groves (Cadillac Tim)

Don't want to be caught dead in one, huh?


Neither Cadillac or Lincoln makes or made a Hearse.   They are made by private coachbuilders.   They buy a DTS that is ordered with a special package that makes it suitable for conversion, ie: larger brakes and wheels, heavy duty everything.   The days of a commercial chassis are long gone.

What I think people are hearing is that when the DTS stops production, there will be a gap until the XTS is offered with a livery and commercial duty option.  Private coachbuilders have been making Hearses from just about every type of car from Chevys to Mercedes.   It is just easier when the manufacturer has a livery or coachbuilders package that gives them a beefier car to start with.

Cadillac has increased DTS production to keep a supply of DTSs available for coachbuilders and owners who want the current bodystyle.   Only a thousand or so hearses are made each year.  Plus funeral homes keep their cars for many years.  So it isn't like funeral homes will be forcred to buy that hideous lincoln MK whater it is.

I have no doubt that the XTS will eventually have a livery and coachbuilder option once again.

R Schroeder

I wonder what H. Leland road in when he went to the happy hunting grounds, since he built them both.
Maybe he went in a Chrysler.


Here are 2 renderings of XTS Commercial Cars found on the web.  Looks a lot sleeker and more elegant than the Lincoln in my humble opinion.
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Peter Weatherly


Well, considering he started the Lincoln company because he got into an arguement with GM about war production, I would think his sons would have had Dad taken to his final rest in a Lincoln at Woodmere Cemetary in Detroit.