New Mississippi Cadillac Owner!

Started by sipprider, October 03, 2010, 08:17:21 PM

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I have recently purchased a Pelham Blue 1960 Cadillac Series 6229 model from. Mr. Steve Neago of Milford, OH. I am curious to know if there are any Cadillac-LaSalle Clubs in my area.. from looking on the website I haven't seen any.. I also think that my Cadillac was in the Self Starter magazine a few years back? 2002 perhaps? Thank you all! I am 21 years old and finally got the car of my dreams.. I couldn't ask for anything better!


Congratulations on your new car "sipprider".  Hope you will join the club, the knowledge and information available to you here is invaluable, the club magazine, THE SELF STARTER, is worth the dues alone.  The annual Cadillac & LaSalle Club meet known as The Grand National is basically Cadillac heaven in company with other great Cadillac people.
Geoff N.

P.S.  You will no doubt be hearing from Bruce Reynolds shortly.   ;D
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Sip,congrats on your "new" ride.IMO,the 60 was a nice looking car.What part of Mississippi are you from?.Click on the "Regions" link on the CLC Home page.But you have to join the National before you can join a region.

Post some pics for us to see.

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Where were you for the last decade?

I was there from '92 til Aug 2009, and just moved the family last July.
Got my CDV in 2000.


I just bought my 1960 in September 2010 and my 1973 in November 2010 lol..

Jeff Wilk

 ;D ;D ;D AWESOME Ride, and my favorite color.  Best of luck, and most definitely join the local and national club!!!!  Great people here

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I've joined the national club and there is no regional club in Mississippi or Alabama as far as I know.. I believe the closest one is Peachstate or Florida Suncoast..


Here's a video of the '73.. I do have all 4 factory hubcaps, just took them off for awhile... sorry the exhaust sounds so bad.. that 472 with glasspacks.. seems like you have to be a good ways away from the car to hear the real tone!!


Congratulations Zack - that 1960 6229 is an amazing find - a handsome landyacht with understated elegance.

Of course the primary issue with a car in Mississippi is Air Conditioning - is she icy old?

You'll want to find a copy of the original shop manual, so you can maintain the car or help direct the mechanic - I found mine on eBay.  I don't think a CLC Authenticity Manual for 1960 Cadillacs is available yet, but that will eventually come too.

If the Caddy's parking spot is uncovered, you'll likely want to get a high end water resistant fitted cover for the car to preserve the finish of the paint and the upholstery.  Some of the new materials are breathable and yet highly water resistant.  Barn finds are good; pasture finds are not.

And of course, Premium Gasoline with a measured dose of lead additive at every fill-up.

Maybe you'll make the trip for one of the Peachstate CLC Annual Driving Tours - this year they are motoring from Atlanta to Savannah (always a fun place) through the back roads on 01-04 April 2011.   The 2011 National Driving Tour is in Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, Texas on 07-11 June 2011 - that may be closer for you and your new ride. The Grand National Meet in 2011 is in Ohio (too far a drive for me), but the 2012 Grand National is in St Augustine, Florida - an old Southern city and easily drivable.

Have fun.  Put some fresh miles on your new ride.

Ray Freeman
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