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Value of 1995 SDV
« on: January 17, 2011, 10:41:49 PM »
A good friend of mine just lost his father-in-law who owned a 1995 SDV.  The car was purchased new and has approximately 30,000 miles.  It is teal with a neutral interior, never driven in poor weather, always garaged and is reputed to be in excellent condition, which I believe based upon what I know of the owner and his habits.  There is no one in the family who would be able to give the car the proper kind of continuing life it deserves, so I have been asked to help determine the value range and check with those I know in the club to see what interest there might be in obtaining this car.  I haven't seen it myself for years, and no pictures are currently available, but for the purpose of this request I think we should proceed as if the car is a very strong number 2 or a slightly weak number 1.  I really do believe the car is nearly as perfect as one of this vintage could be taking into consideration that it has been driven 30,000 miles, but by only one very careful person who never needed to, or did, take it out of the garage if the conditions were less than perfect.

Any assistance that could be provided to help determine the approximate range of this car's value would be greatly appreciated.




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