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Whom to contact in the CLC
« on: February 04, 2011, 02:47:37 PM »
Hey guys,

From time to time, I see posts from people who have specific questions on club policies, events, publications, membership, etc.  There is a webpage on this site that has a complete list of who to contact directly for those type of questions.  Response time is likely to be far quicker if the appropriate person is contacted directly, per the whom to contact page, then by posting a message on the forum.  Below is the information on that page.


- Whom to contact
Do you have a question about the club, your membership, your Cadillac, or a Cadillac-related topic and don't know whom to contact? Please check the list of contacts here to see if they can answer your question. If the topic of your question is not mentioned below, send an email to the Club Office and they'll try and point you in the right direction.

For any of the following:

Membership questions, applications, and renewals,
General inquiries,
Change of address,
Non-delivery of The Self-Starter,
Telephone orders for Club merchandise,
Telephone orders for LaSalle - Cadillac's Companion Car,
      please contact:
      Mike and Nancy Book, Office Managers
      PO Box 360835
      Columbus, OH 43236-0835
      Phone: (614) 478-4622
      Fax: (614) 472-3222

For award nominations or questions, please contact:
Gary Fisher, co-Chair  or    Martina Butler, co-Chair
Phone: (614) 799-8639  Phone: (678) 461-6343
Email:  Email: martina.butleremail addresses not permitted

For back issues of The Self-Starter, please contact:
Lars Kneller
3018 W. Small Rd.
La Porte, IN 46350-7929
See ad in most issues for availability.
Contact via postal mail only, please! No email or phone calls regarding back issues.

For club policy questions, please contact:
Lars Kneller, President

For CLC Museum & Research Center, Inc. questions, please contact:
Paul Ayres, President, CLC Museum & Research Center, Inc.
(also see our CLCM&RC page)

For Commercial Display Advertising and Classified Advertising inquiries, please contact:
Melissa Adams, Advertising Manager, The Self-Starter
Phone: (760) 902-4924
FAX: (760) 320-4936

For judging questions, please contact:
Carl L. Steig, National Chief Judge
Phone: (510) 483-7946

For legislative issues and questions, please contact:
Marvin Price
Phone: (480) 429-6997

For long-range planning questions, please contact:
Dave Ritchie

For membership promotion & public relations questions, please contact:
Ted Kadala, co-Chair  or    Dave Thomas, co-Chair
Phone: (201) 767-4813  Phone: (310) 457-2994
For national meet & driving tour questions, please contact:
Toni Rothman, Vice President for National Activities
Phone: (610) 361-7882

For questions regarding Cadillac history, please contact:
Yann Saunders

For questions about our publications, please contact:
Bob Crimmins
Phone: (732) 431-0876

For questions about submitting articles to The Self-Starter, please contact:
Steve Stewart, Editor
Phone: (713) 432-1502

For technical & authenticity questions, please contact:
William C. "Bill" Anderson, P.E., Director of Technical Services
Phone: (443) 994-5455
(also see our Technicians page)

For Web site & Message Forum questions, please contact:
Jeff Hansen
Phone: (302) 737-6267

For Youth Program questions and information, please contact:
Andrea Jacoby, Youth Program Chairwoman
Phone: (215) 586-9234

Read this far and still aren't sure? Please contact:
Mike and Nancy Book, Office Managers
PO Box 360835
Columbus, OH 43236-0835
Phone: (614) 478-4622
Fax: (614) 472-3222
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