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Started by Matt Harwood, April 16, 2011, 12:23:05 PM

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Matt Harwood

Hi everyone,

I've been a long-time lurker here and have been on and off this message board for years sharing info that's common with my '41 Buick Century. Anyway, after years of work on my Buick, plus the usual life gets in the way stuff, I decided to pick up a car I could actually drive and enjoy this summer. Working as a collector car dealer, I get the opportunity to see some unique stuff before it hits the market, and when we were contacted to liquidate the collection of a well-known collector here in Ohio, I found this:

It's a 1929 Cadillac 341B. It's just a 5-passenger sedan, but the price was right, and it was restored sometime in the '70s. It was toured extensively throughout the '80s and early '90s, before the owner passed away. It has been sitting ever since. It ran for the first time in years about a week ago, and I'm currently rebuilding the transmission and having a Lloyd Young overdrive unit installed. It needs new tires, and I plan to get the vacuum tank operating correctly, then start driving. It's also filthy, from years of sitting uncovered. But I think it will clean up beautifully.

Anyway, I'm very excited to finally own a Full Classic with 8 cylinders and sidemounts. I just registered for the national meet this summer, and I plan on driving the car down there from my home in Cleveland. I look forward to getting to know all of you and renew old friendships. So look for the big, green sedan and come over and say hello. Happy motoring!
Matt Harwood
Cleveland, OH
Matt Harwood
Cleveland, OH
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Sounds like a plan!  With the rear axle ratio of those cars, the overdrive & 8 cylinders should serve you well.  Don't overlook safety such as lights and seat belts.  If its been sitting, you'd better check what is going on inside the brake cylinders.  Personally I'd be afraid of a car without dual hydraulic circuit brakes, but with new hoses, lines, and cylinders, it should be OK for a while.  Bruce Roe

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

His car has the safest brakes ever. 4 wheel mechanical!.
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Too much fun is more than you can have.


Matt, that is a beauty.
You'll have many hours of fun behind the wheel. What a great find!

Jim Eccleston
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They were still mechanical in '29?  Probably age a lot better
than later brakes.  What year did they change?

Bruce Roe
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His car has the safest brakes ever. 4 wheel mechanical!.

Scott Anderson CLC#26068

Welcome Matt!

Wishing you many years of fun in your 'new' Cadillac. And while I am very firmly in the camp that believes all makes of cars are fun, at least when behind this wheel we'll know your answer to the question "Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick" <g>

Best regards
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Pat MacPhail

Welcome Matt,
Looks like a fun car !
Do you still have your Buick resto blog posted online ?