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    Does anyone out there have a suggestion for a replacement for a 1941 starter solenoid?  My car has a hydramatic.  I can get the parts for the starter itself, but the rebuilder says the solenoid is shot and he's not sure as to what will fit it. The number on the solenoid is : 1542 which is stock 1941.
Ken Karrer
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Hi Ken: The relay inside the starter solenoid is usually what goes bad. That relay is Delco -Remy and carries part number 1866167. This relay was used from about 35 through 42 and only works on solenoid 001542. The contacts for 001542 come out the side of the metal relay cover. In 1946 through 50 the solenoid was changed to 1118102 and the relay has a number of 1884537. The contacts for this relay come out the back of the relay. I have seen several NOS 1866167 on ebay the past year at $100-150. Right now there is a 46-50 relay 1884537 offered at $150. Several years ago there was a man I believe in Florida that advertised in Hemmings that he repaired solenoids. He might still be in Hemmings.   Bill

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    Thanks very much for your reply.  I'll continue to hunt for a rebuilt or NOS solenoid and relay for this thing.  In the meantime, I was able to find a replacement for it from a place in San Antonio.  It's got a different design, but it will work.  The source was Texas Industrial Electric Co. (in San Antonio).  The part number is a Delco 7-929.  The cost was about $30.
Thanks again,
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Whoa!  Better check that!  My repair guy just called to say that the replacement solenoid will mount just fine, but the mechanical linkage will NOT work, so I'm back to square 1.
Ken  1941 6227D coupe


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