Cadillac toolbox?

Started by Jeff Hansen, November 15, 2011, 08:00:41 PM

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Jeff Hansen

See the photos below.

A fellow club member from Australia found this in the flea market at Hershey this year.  Obviously, its a toolbox.  But notice the medallion.  It's a very old medallion to be sure.

What can anyone tell us about the toolbox?  Was it ever on a car?  If so, what year and model?  Is it just an old toolbox that somebody attached the medallion to?

We sure don't know and want to hear what others think.

Oh, it's not for sale, either.

Jeff Hansen
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I love ebay, but there is nothing like going to something like Hershey (or Charlotte or Carlisle etc)  in person.

Dave Rubin

C.R. Patton II

Jeff & Dave

I examined that toolbox acquired by the chap from downunder. It was a great find at this year's stupendous Hershey event. I surmised that the box was from 1905^ and the Cadillac emblem was applied by an afficionado in same era. Just an educated guess.
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Chris Conklin

That is way cool! It sure appears to be something that was made to fit to a vehicle, odd shape, no handle...
Chris Conklin