1950 Series 62 What Do These Switches Do?

Started by Deano, November 20, 2011, 11:11:49 PM

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Hello Everyone.

My vehicle has two switches to the right hand side of the park brake.  They are electric switches and not vacuum, the left hand switch has two settings when turned clockwise, the right hand switch has one setting when turned clockwise.

Can someone tell me what they operate?  I tried tracing the wiring but it's pretty tight under there.

I have attached a picture, hopefully it's visible.


D Van Ingen.

Alan Harris CLC#1513


One of the switches might be for the radio speakers.  If it is a three postion switch, one position would be for the front speaker, the middle position for both front and rear speaker, and the third position would be for the rear speaker.  R Hobden #1235
Russ Hobden, CLC #1235


Both of these responses may explain why I can't see what the switches operate as there are no fog lights on the car at present and although the radio light turns on, the radio doesn't work.

I may have to invest in a workshop manual at some stage so that I can also figure out what operates the vacuum aerial.

D Van Ingen.

C.R. Patton II

Hello Dean

The 1950 Cadillac Series 62 is a fantastic automobile. Have you considered purchasing an Authenticity Manual for your car?
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I have only had the car just over a week now (imported from Kirkland, Washington).  It's solid and tidy but needs a lot of minor things correcting.  I have been very impressed with the vehicle, it's a real joy to drive.

I hadn't considered an authenticity manual but will look into it.

Thank you.

D Van Ingen.

Art Gardner CLC 23021

I have a 1950 Series 62 sedan in fairly original, excellent condition.  On my car, the switch nearest the hand brake (and to the right of the handbrake) controls the fog lights.  The switch between that and the steering column is the three position switch for the radio (Front, Both, or Rear only)..

Art Gardner

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R Sotardi #11719

I also have a 1950 6219 for 18 years now, and I am the second owner from new. Wonderful car only 85k miles; heads were never off. Since the car does not have fog lights only the radio speaker switch is present. Get a shop manual and Master parts list. They both have fine illustrations and assure you that you will get the correct parts when needed. Good luck and enjoy your Cadillac. Don,t forget to join the Cadillac-Lasalle Club. Ron

The Tassie Devil(le)

Also, someone could have removed the Fog Lights many years ago.

The car could have been in a crash, and the repairer mightn't have known that there were Fog lights in it when the replacement parts were fitted.

Bruce. >:D
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Thanks everyone for your comments.

The vehicle gets taken to the compliance centre tomorrow.  It's a compulsory and detailed inspection of the vehicle prior to being allowed on the roads here in NZ.  I know it's going to be a large list of things to address but at least once this is done I can get the rust removed and I already have a lot of parts on order.


D Van Ingen.