Where do I Source 1950 4 Door Series 62 Panels?

Started by Deano, November 16, 2011, 03:35:50 PM

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Hello Everyone.

I recently purchased this car and am trying to bring it up to its former glory (not that there's a lot wrong with it).

I don't know the technical name for the panel but there is a panel which fits immediately below the rear door and is fitted to the outer rocker panel.  The panel brings the rocker panel out to match the buldge in the rear door and in my case is fitted with some bright work.  The panel on both sides of the car is rotted out. 

Does anyone know where I can get replacement panels or is this a case of manufacturing a replacement?

Thanks in advance.

D Van Ingen.

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I don't know of a source for them.  I have a pair of new ones for a 54, but I don't think they are quite the same as a 1950.

Art Gardner
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G'day Dean,

Welcome to the world of "lack of significant parts for 4 door vehicles".

In Australia where 4 door sedans are the norm, that is what was only available here, trying to locate simple things like weather strips for 4 door cars is virtually impossible.

Until the Coupes and Convertibles are so far out of anyone's price-range, and the "lowly" Sedans have to be resurrected, only then will the parts suppliers fill the requirements for these parts.

The only way to obtain the required parts is to either make it yourself, or find a donor vehicle.   And, the problem there is that too many Sedans have been used as donor vehicles for Coupes and Convertibles in the past, that the special parts for these vehicles have been simply tossed out, as they didn't fit the initial needs of the restorer.

Bruce. >:D
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Deano, I believe you are refering to the - Extension, Rocker Panel, Body Main Side Sill- Part # is 4575098(right) and 457509(left) and these are the same on all 6219 models from 1950 to 1953. Are you in the US? If so, calls to salvage yards may be necessary and concentrate on southwest US areas such as Arizona. There is a excellant illustration of the  part in the body parts section of the Master Parts List. Good thing to have for a restoration. Check out what a new fabrication would cost first. Ron


Hello and thank you to everyone that has responded to my request.

I have been to the panel shop today and it would appear it is cheaper to fabricate a replacement section than buy one cut from an existing car.  Prices for the cut sections ranged from $200 to $500 USD per side plus freight.


D Van Ingen.