1962 Cadillac Vs. 2002 Cadillac

Started by Jessie, November 29, 2011, 03:21:53 PM

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Cadillac got me!!!

The Tassie Devil(le)

That is a no-brainer.

Of course the later model will protect the occupants.

Bruce. >:D
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predictable results
lets see how the 2002 does after it has been neglected for 50 yrs



Hope I never crash my 60.  I'm toast! :-\

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I've seen a few of these crash tests on t.v. Its always "old is bad and new is good". They never do a test at 10 or 15 miles an hour which is most fender benders.  I was on Route 95 (Phila. PA) in the early 2000's driving my 1979 Coupe DeVille in a stop and go traffic jam. I was hit from behind at a low speed. I looked in my rear view mirror and the car that hit me was a newer one, his grill, bumper and headlights were "crumpled" like there're supposed to do. I pulled over a 1/4 mile down the highway due to traffic and got out and checked the rear of my car. Everything was fine with my car except the rear fillers were cracked. I didn't even replace them cause they weren't even cracked that bad! Cars have come a long way but there is something to be said about the old cars too. :)
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i thought they said  the speed was to reach 50mph
if so that is a 100mph impact

i dont really worry about crashing my 62, i drive the wheels off of it just as  cautiously as i drive every other car i own


Ahhh! I'm always disappointed when I see a video like this. There's no need to crash up a '62 Cadillac. :( We know today's cars are better at handling head-on collisions.
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Interesting that the seat broke out of the 62. I wonder what the cause? Structure failure/rust, fastener failure or the seat tracks.   Didn't look too bad otherwise.


Protection is great to save lives from the impact of my 1948 Fleetwood tank.  Hope we never find out!  I always drive 1 1/2 car's length per 10mph for fear out hitting someone in the rear with this elegant beast.
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Walter Youshock

The massiveness of my '57 makes me FEEL safe although I know it is a false sense of security.  Probably the one factor as to how the '62 blew apart is the "X" frame.  I wonder how a '65 with a perimeter frame would fare.  How about a '62 Cad vs. another '62 Cad?  I know a "T" bone crash in an "X" frame car would not be survivable.  Besides the beefed-up rockers, the only other protection is the actual seat rail that weighs a ton.  The 8 bolts that hold the seat to the floor wouldn't mean much in that case.  Even the primitive seat belts they had wouldn't mean a thing.  You'd probably die from a ruptured spleen from the lap belt.

Overall, Cadillacs were still considered among the safest cars on the road for their day.  I think the '62 Cadillac would come out the winner against a '62 Ford or Chevy.

I've been driving the '57 far less over the past few years simply because of other drivers.  People are far more distracted and have NO RESPECT for an old car on the road. 
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Surprisingly, my grandmother survived a T-Bone crash in her 61 Fleetwood.  She was T Boned by a new 1966 Bonneville doing approximately 50 MPH.  Both cars were totalled but everyone survived (she was in a neck brace for 4 months).
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Our '57 Cadillac convertible was t-boned by a '50 Chevrolet in 1960. had I been in the car ( I was 4 ) I wouldn't be writing this . The Chevy drove into the passenger compartment, giving my dad 2 cracked ribs. The top locks were sheared from the windshield header , so he never bought another convertible. Replaced it with a '60 Fleetwood.
Barry Norman