Grandpa's last Caddillac

Started by John R. Thomas, December 03, 2011, 01:13:06 PM

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John R. Thomas

My Grandfather sold his last car in 1971.  He was 89 and giving up his Wisconsin drivers license.
Oh ya, the car.  It was a 57  60 Special with air.  It was a light blue.  The interior was dark blue
with black fabric inserts.  By chance, did it survive ?  We live in Waukesha, a burb of Milwaukee.

Dan LeBlanc

If it makes you feel good, we'll say yeah, it sure did.

But seriously, with such a vague description, any car matching the description could be it.   ::)
Dan LeBlanc
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John R. Thomas

WOW !!!  That's it !!!!  I doubt that this one came from Wisconsin.  Or, did it ?
You may find that the engine number does not match.  The previous owner told Grandpa
that the engine block may be cracked. After Grandpa bought it, it did not run right.
King Cadillac in Milwaukee told Grandpa that the block was cracked and they would install
a used one.  Grandpa demanded a new one. The dealer agreed.(Frank King Sr.)
I  worked for King as a partsman in their new dealership in 1971.(Jr.)
The mechanics liked to rebuild starters, alternators and ac compressors                                              Hoses did not last long. They replaced them after only 5 years Ignition wire sets
were also replaced often.
I am a gearhead. I own a 66 T-Bird Town Landau. We sold our 40 Buick Centruy sedan w/sidemounts
after 17 years of frustration. It was a complex car to repair. It was always broke.
Our 55 Peter Pirsch pumper was great.  11 years of wanabe a firefighter. and others....


What a beauty!  I am a sucker for blue cars too!
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R Schroeder

Hey John, your Grandpa had a nice car. Would be neat if you could find it. KING Cadillac. Boy does that bring back memories.
I live just west of you , near hwy 83. I'm an old gear head myself.
You might have seen my 78 running around in Waukesha, as during the summer, it is all I use.
I have a few friends into the old T-birds.
Here is my car.

Click on picture to make it bigger.


The first Cadillac I ever rode in was a 1957 Fleetwood,  I think it was blue and it had
was air-conditioned.  I remember how cold it was in the car.  I think it was in July of  1958 I was 13 years old.  That is a beauty.
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