1955 CdV modification

Started by Harold Noell, CLC 15821, June 20, 2012, 12:50:29 PM

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Harold Noell, CLC 15821

Restoring and plan to drive car. Noticed Eldorados had dual set-up. What are caveats of installing duals on car? All pros and cons appreciated.


Dual what, carb or exhaust?  My '55 CDV has dual exhaust, so you must be talking carbs?
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Harold Noell, CLC 15821

Sorry about that..................Dual Carbs.

Doug Houston

As usual, there is more to this than just souping the engine. On the high performance Eldorados of those last years of the "good" Hydra-Matic,  it had become necessary to have a cooler on the transmission. I don't think that it was done on the lighter cars, but it was necessary on the high power cars.

Just be careful what you do before you do it. There is always more to an upgrade than might be expected.
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