1967-- engine barely turns over after being driven

Started by Cadillac Nut, March 23, 2012, 03:43:38 PM

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The 67 shop manual shows the battery cables on all models as 4 gauge.
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Maybe this will help you decide.

You have to be careful what you ask for. #4 and 4/0 are two different ponies.



Cadillac Nut

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll go for at least 1, larger if I can find it.  Roy, thanks for the links, very helpful.   Will let you know how it turns out.


Cadillac Nut

Hi Guys,
I finally got battery cables on my '67 Fleetwood 75.  First ones I bought were 4 ga, didn't know that when I ordered them, had to be returned.  I was able to get 1 ga of the correct length at NAPA.  The car seems to be fine now, it starts a lot better,  so far no more weak starts when hot.  I am still going to install a heat shield as the starter sits really close to the exhaust pipe.  I want to thank everyone for their input and their helpfulness.  It is greatly appreciated.  If anyone needs it, the NAPA part no. for the battery cables is 714831 (same part no for both positive and negative, you have to make your own alternator lead, which is easy).  These are 48 in long, which was the perfect length for my 67.  They are a bit hard to find, but NAPA can order them from another store or warehouse if the don't have them.  By the way if you search on the NAPA website it gives a completely different, and incorrect, cable when you enter your year and model information (4 ga and only 36 in). 

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Give a call to Y&Z Yesterdays Parts in Redlands Ca. Give them the exact length  and they will make the gauge,color and the correct terminals  for your 67. Rhode Island wiring will also if that is more convenient. Ron


Here is sort of a takeoff questions as it relates to this topic. In 67, both cables were black. However, obviously, at some point cables became RED positive and BLACK negative. My 76 Seville with side post battery was red/black. Maybe it was done when GM started specifying side post terminals? Do CLC/AACA judges pick at red/black cables on older cars such as those?
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If there is any doubt, I put some red tape on the ends of a cable. 
Or another color in some cases. 

Just taking the cables off, cleaning up, and putting them back
could make a big improvement, even 4 gauge is pretty decent
for 12V cars  Bruce Roe

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RE. judges. The AACA probably will not since it is not likely that a judge would know for sure. The goal is to judge cars against a 400 point sheet at an attempt to show a vehicle that was as delivered from the dealer when new. Period correct usually takes precedent over small details, since so many different cars  have to be scored. Different story with the CLC. Most judges know the specifics of their class better, since they only need to know Cadillac/ LaSalles & the judging is more intense. A CLC judge may very well spot the cables as the wrong color. Why don't you find out the correct color from the Authenticity Manual and have the cables made to order? See my above suggestion. Ron

Cadillac Nut

Hi Ron,
I was able to find exactly what I needed at NAPA.  I was wondering the same thing about battery cables and judging, thanks for clearing that up.