Good News for cars with ALC

Started by Bob Hoffmann CLC#96, June 05, 2012, 12:52:58 AM

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Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

If you have a car that uses the vacuum powered automatic air compressors,66 to 77, this may help you. I received a call from him  today. I was unable to give out his name before. Now I can. His name is Frank Smith & his phone # is 215 884-5151. He will now rebuild these compressors again. Please contact him directly & tell him Bob Hoffmann sent you.
HTH, Bob
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Thanks Bob,

I am currently looking at a 75 FB that I might buy, but cannot find the ALC compressor on it at all. I assumed all FB had it standard. Usually its located on the left side fender liner.

I once owned a 76 Seville and well when I replaced the rear air shocks just ran a hidden (and I mean hidden) fill port.
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Rob Troxel

Thanks Bob for sharing this info!

Antoni Deighton

Thanks Bob! I have one, and I have a couple of spare rubber diaphrams for it. I'd rather have him rebuild it than me!
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