Covered Parking around Charlotte

Started by waterzap, June 07, 2012, 02:55:32 PM

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Anyone know of any covered parking around Charlotte NC?
All the storage places I have contacted have open parking, but would like to get a big covered RV spot where I can put both my cars. My single garage rental just went up, and paying almost $200 now, which is a bit too much.
Charlotte, NC
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I rented a space for an extra car that I had that did not fit in my garage (due to insurance coverage needs) from BUDGET SELF STORAGE on N Sharon Amity. They charged me $140 a month up until August 2011.

You can always ask if you can erect a canopy or a shelter on their property. Like a 10x20 or a 20x20. I have a 2 car garage at my house in Charlotte in addition to a 10x20 in front of the garage for third car.
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