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Started by Ryon1000, August 10, 2012, 07:45:44 PM

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Hello One & All,  Have an AM/FM radio w/ 8 track. 3 of my 4 speakers are not working. 1 in the back is. Tried grounding the other speaker in the back w/ no luck.  Any suggestions what avenues to pursue when I dive back in?  Thanks, Les

Tom Magdaleno

If they are original I would start with replacing them.  Other than that I would think its pretty simple, you have a power wire and a ground wire.  Check the ohm rating of the original speakers and match that.  Take out the good speaker and attach it to the wires of the other speakers and see if it works.  If the power from the stereo is coming out then they should work.  If its like my '71 Riviera then it should have 6x9s in the back and 3" or 3.5" speakers in the front.  I just unhooked the fronts because they are mounted in plastic which is weak and also it makes pulling of the dash cover more difficult. 
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The impedance (resistance) of the older speakers are different than newer speakers. You can use older speakers on a new or old radio, but you need high impedance speakers for an old radio. New speakers are low impedance. Your old radio needs the high impedance or it will get damaged.

I got a set from this guy.

Call him up, he is very good.
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