1960 Eldorado NO HEADLIGHTS

Started by 60eldo, November 04, 2012, 05:26:57 PM

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Also clean the contacts of the circuit breaker.  If they are dirty the normal current could create enough heat to trigger the circuit breaker. 
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OK I have low beam now they stay on ,,,but the high beams go off in about 8 seconds and  I hear a click coming from that box in the left kick panel,,,I think thats the autronic eye box,,,can I over ride this thing, cause I dont care if I have that function for now
Jon. Kluczynski


   I put the regular seal beams back in,,,,no change,,,maybe I will try to bi pass this box auto dimmer
Jon. Kluczynski


Ive got the same thing going right now.  I am currently puting in holegens. I have removed the Autronic eye and if you open your harness entrance from the firewall and disconect the 3prong wire from the rellay under thehood  and bring it under the inside dash and connect to the dimmer switch ( ultimately removing the autronic eye harness and then you are going to need a regular non atronic eye dimmer switch. (yes they are differnt.  this should bypass all the autronic eye issues you might have.