Author Topic: Slight design difference in Carter AFB - which one is correct for 1960?  (Read 604 times)

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Hello all,

While I am still scratching my head and enjoying the brainstorming on my speedometer problem with the '62 Fleetwood, here is another question that, as they say in Monty Python, is "something completely different"...

I am rebuilding a Carter AFB for my '60 Cadillac.  I have two good cores that I am using in the attached pics, that are nearly identical except for one small detail.  The one carburetor on the left has a check valve that goes under the power plunger on the left side of the assembly.  The right carburetor (also a Carter AFB) does not.  When I rebuilt the carb for my '58, I remember having the check valve there, but I do not recall one in my '62. 

Which year did Carter stop using the check valve and, how does this design change affect the performace of the carburetor, if at all?

Matt I
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