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Author Topic: FINZ - Mag of CLC NZ April 2013 - Art Deco & "Lassie" feature!  (Read 969 times)

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Hello all. A slight technical hitch meant that the April edition didn't get thru, but here we are now - better late than never and it's be a shame to not share with you some great articles in this month issue!
We cover the annual NZ 'Art Deco' event, held in Napier - arguably, the World's Art Deco Capital. The event celebrated it's 25th anniversary this year under blue summery skies and warm temps day and night!
There's also an article about a very special La Salle by the name of "Lassie". An amazing story of an old car brought back to life and living in the South Island of NZ.
Enjoy the read and as always, feel free to email me your comments; stories and pics to the editor:
Until next month, cruise safely - Ron


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