GM decides not to build Ciel. I think I cried when I first heard this.

Started by speach, July 17, 2013, 07:06:03 PM

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Andrew Armitage

The Cadillac brand is probably at it's most prestigious level since the late 60s / early 70s. Cadillac is in a prime position to regain its spot at the very top of the automobile hierarchy within the next 6 years or so if it can introduce a flagship model with a starting price of $85k or more that can compete with Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 series cars.

Cadillac has a 100 plus year history to it that the other luxury brands just don't. I think it gives them an edge in recapturing the ultra-luxury market which is going to explode in the next 10 years or so.
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Well car companies have to toe the line between chasing what the gear heads want and making things that can be produced and sold in sufficient low enough cost and sell in enough quantities to produce a profit. VW wanted a top end car and their car was pretty amazing, but even it had to be sold at a loss due to going too crazy with content. As is the Toyota sports car, what is it the VFA? Costs over a $1 million and they lose money on each one. Obviously they are figured as "image marketing" expense or something.

Personally, the Low Points for Cadillac for me were the malaise era the Cimmeron, the V8-6-4, The diesel. The Northstar era was much better and did a lot to improve things, but as my parents have two of those 2000 era I can tell you as far as standard of the world they are not. While Toyota in the 70's would epoxy their engine block coolant passages, GM gives you a stop leak tablet to keep it from leaking. The intake rubber behind the throttle body rots out and his has required two of them now, they burn oil. Any problems needing engine work complete replacement is advised as apparently from what technical things we've seen disassembly means that all the threads come loose and each hole needs helicoil. yes, even head bolts. Other brands have trouble too, but if you tell people that 1.5 quarts every 1000 miles is "normal" oil consumption on a top-end  Caddy, well good luck with that.

I lust after the new performance cadillac cars, I think they are resurging. Lincoln for one has no real answer to many of the models. Granted there is stiff competition on the sedan end, but Escalade and CTSv, ATS, etc are great vehicles at competitive prices.

RE: Volt - before you talk bad about them, you should research them. Owners love those cars. I wish I had researched them before buying my last car, GM really ought to leverage that technology. Most of their hybrids are weak mild-hybrids. Volt owners report the car  runs the engine sometimes just so the fuel in the tank doesn't go bad - yes they are driving mostly on electric and 99mpg or better with excellent performance and quiet ride is the norm. Electric is coming. And the torque from electric motors would flatten most regular cars, see the Tesla or other cars for example. A guy has been drag racing a Mazda with electric conversion for a while videos on youtube, he blows away even heavily modded muscle cars and only loses ground at half track when the e motor is less efficient.
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Cadillac is losing its traditional characteristics, but has to I suppose to maintain sales. I think when they axed the DTS, I had a feeling that was the last "big" Cadillac with a traditional soft ride. The rest, I'm afraid, will look like their foreign competitors...and drive like them too.

I guess that's good for GM, as younger professionals like the luxury sports sedan niche but it's still sad in a way. I think Cadillac will be around for a while, at least, while Lincoln seems to be in its twilight years unless the new MKZ turns things around.
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Although I wish Cadillac could sell cars today without the need for such large carrots (rebates) to lure customers, I think and hope they'll be around for a long time.  I have doubts, however, that their annual US sales will soon, if ever, again reach the 300K+ levels common in the mid to late '70s and mid '80s as there's a lot more import competition today that didn't exist back then.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.

R Schroeder

Norman....reply #19.................Amen....................ditto......................and all that good stuff.
The first thing that turned me off was the name. I keep picturing Sea World for some reason.
Car looks nice, but it isn't the Caddies of the past.
I'll keep my 78 going.