Misselwood Lost and Found - Assistance Appreciated

Started by 48ragtop, August 02, 2013, 03:44:14 PM

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I'm sure that this isn't the place for this but I wanted to reach out just the same.

Last Sunday my wife and I attended the Misselwood Concours d’Elegance.   We greatly enjoyed the show.   However my wife lost a small pendant; somehow dropped off the chain.   It is a small gold pendant with 3 small stones.   Not of great monetary value but having significant sentimental value.   We know generally where it was lost.    Somewhere behind the main building where cars were parked on the lawn, along the wall abutting the ocean.   This was not on the side of the main building but directly behind it.   

We looked diligently for it and notified officials at the "lost and found", but nothing turned up.   A few days later we went back and did a detailed search of the lawn with a metal detector.   While we found a few coins, a brass button, nails, screws and numerous small bits of wire we did not find the pendant.   I believe that if it were still there I would have located it with the metal detector.

If anyone might have found it we'd be most appreciative to get it back.     

Your assistance will be welcome.

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