Author Topic: December 2013 North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club Newsletter  (Read 865 times)

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah.  Hope the turkey was endless and the meal satisfying.  Among things I give thanks for is my family, our good health, the friends I have made through the CLC clubs and the many car shows I participate in.  I give thanks that I live in what is still the greatest country in the world and that I am free to make my own decisions and choices.

And now that December is upon us, Happy Holidays and a sober First.

Not a whole lot of activity for the North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle club this month.  We did a fabulous tour of the George W. Bush Museum and Library.  The members wandered about and took it all in.  If you are ever in Dallas, it is a place to see. Check out pages 1, and 2.

A few of us took in some auction activity, and for car lovers, it was fun.  I didn’t buy anything, but I drooled a lot over the fine collection of cars they had assembled.  This auction, run by Leake Auction Company, had over 16 Cadillacs alone on the block.  Really a great auction.

In December there is not a lot of car activity going on, but this club tries to make a big presentation on the 14th at Frank Kent Cadillac with the Toys For Tots (TFT) program.  TFT is getting bigger everywhere every year, so filling our big Cadillac trunks with toys should really help.  It also gives us a chance to show off our cars, meet and greet friends, and get a free lunch, courtesy of Will Churchill and the gang at Frank Kent.

Hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter.   8)
B. Levy
41 61S Fastback
68 Sedan DeVille
68 Coupe DeVille
73 Fleetwood Brougham
01 Eldorado ETC
06 STS 1SG


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