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Barry M Wheeler #2189

When I sold my brother his Riviera while selling cars, he insisted on cloth seats, but wanted the best quality Bose sound system. Go figure. But the last time he got a new car, he bought an STS for him and a CRX for my sister-in-law.
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I wonder if this car was caught in the middle of a standard vs. optional equipment change during the model year.  When the car was ordered power trunk lid, twilight sentinel and illuminated entry may have been optional and not ordered by the dealer or customer but by the time it was built and priced, those items were now standard and since this car was ordered without had to be shown as deleted for credit.

It was not uncommon especially back then for once optional equipment to become standard during the model year or vice versa.

Doug Houston

I  had thought it a bit irregular recently, when I saw one of the cars that a deputy sheriff was driving in this area. It had an AM-FM Stereo radio in it. I asked my deputy pal, what gives with that radio?? The answer was that it a COST DELETE item: they had to pay extra to leave it out!!  Just, don't turn it on!

Yes, I recall riding in a Cadillac hearse, with a blank radio cover  on the dash. Looked mighty funny, but they did make radio covers!
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Rich S

Another possibility to consider is that particular options may have been unavailable from a supplier during a particular time period during the model year--thus something "standard" may have been listed as delete/credit.
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