Fleetwood Seventy-five limousines

Started by Chad Oolman, January 12, 2014, 10:48:20 PM

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Chad Oolman

I have always admired the Cadillac Fleetwood Limousines and ran across the one pictured below, A 1969 Formal Landau.  The car has been stored for a long time in a small town near Tallahassee, Florida and has 43,XXX original miles.  The owner is asking $20,000 which seems very high to me.

Does anyone have some thoughts on cars like this?  Value, rarity, etc.  Anyone near Tallahassee that is familiar with the car or would be willing to go and look at it?

My goal is to find a well preserved original factory limousine, not necessarily a landau model, although I do like the uniqueness of a landau.  Any input/help would be appreciated.

TonyZappone #2624

I have owned 3 75 series Cadillacs, a '49 7519 (five passenger, no division) and had owned concurrently two 1956 Derham conversions.  These are the most fascinating cars.  Pure luxury, no compromise such as in the new coach conversions.  Moreover, I couldn't get this car painted for twenty grand.  Sounds like a steal to me.
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The Tassie Devil(le)

Looks pretty good to me as well.

Can't see you finding one in better condition for the money.

Bruce. >:D
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Big Apple Caddy

Price is too high.  Although limos were much rarer, especially with the formal landau roof, and much pricier when new compared to sedans these just don't have that much more value above the sedans unless perhaps those having a "famous" owner history.

It's not like there's a lot out there to pick from, though.

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621


I feel your instincts are correct in regards to the price. For whatever it may be worth, OCPG lists values of "1969/1970" Series 75 Limousine as $7,650 in condition #3; $11,900 for #2 and $17,000 for #1.

Unless the car is absolutely top-to-bottom pristine throughout, the seller is going to find it difficult netting anywhere near that kind of money for a 1969 Limousine - in my view.

*EDIT- On closer inspection, pitting of pot metal parts is evident in some of the close ups which means the chrome is likely deteriorated as well. Front seat is filthy, rust showing in division window channel and assorted other demerits. In sum, the car as shown does not appear to have received anywhere the amount of care throughout its life in order to maintain in #2 condition, let alone #1.

This car squarely falls into #3 status from where I stand. I see no more than $7K - $8K worth of property here at the most - and that would be making the heroic assumption the car needs next to nothing by way of mechanical/operational refreshening.

One man's opinion.

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C.R. Patton II

Hello Chad

The assessment by Eric is valid. I concur.
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gary griffin

Another consideration is if you are very tall the division window claims about 4 inches of leg room and as I recall there is no adjustment in the drivers seat.  Being 6 ft  2 inches tall I can not even consider them although I would love to have one.
Gary Griffin

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Chad Oolman

Thanks for all the comments.  Buying a car sight unseen is difficult, especially when the price is a bit on the high side.  I guess it all depends on what condition it is in when seen in person.

Thanks again.

Chuck Swanson

Just sold a'69 limo w/ landau in last 3 months, very similar condition but 80K miles and larger back window, between 2-3 condition, and I don't think the one above is a 20 K car ;)  Saw this one on eBay starting at 12K this week, but looks like he has some low feedback bidders inflating price.  (ended at 12.2K reserve not met).  I guess you can get lucky...ya never know.   

If you know someone who want to buy one at 20K, lemme know and I'll happily buy mine back and resell  ;D
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Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

Quote from: Chaz Swansen on January 14, 2014, 12:12:23 AM
Saw [the subject car] on eBay starting at 12K this week, but looks like he has some low feedback bidders inflating price. 

I agree.

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Quote from: ericdev on January 13, 2014, 10:23:04 AM
This car squarely falls into #3 status from where I stand. I see no more than $7K - $8K worth of property here at the most -...

  I would have to agree with Eric on about $6-8k.  There will be plenty of rehab work to do still, but the body looks pretty solid. There is a market for these but one has to have the space to garage these monsters.  Many became parts cars.  I really like the landau roof and the "S-bar."  The black-on-black interior isn't my favorite though-I always liked the blue interior.  It does appear to be in good condition in the back.  Good luck. 
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