FYI: 2014 ATS Coupe revealed today at NAIAS.

Started by Rich S, January 14, 2014, 10:37:30 PM

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Rich S

FYI:  Today at the North American International Auto Show, another new Cadillac model was revealed, the 2014 ATS Coupe. It's great to see the model line-up expanding to include three available Coupe models this year, the CTS Coupe (still built on the generation II CTS platform with its aggressive styling), the new ATS Coupe and the ELR (electric hybrid). Here are pics and video:

And the video of the same vehicle:
Rich Sullivan CLC #11473

1971 Eldo Conv., 2013 CTS Cpe

Chris Conklin

I was surprised to see an ELR at Casa de Cadillac last week when I took my Escalade in. Didn't know there were any out there yet.
Chris Conklin