Author Topic: FINZ - Mag of CLC NZ February 2014 - The 50th 'New Series' Issue!  (Read 813 times)

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Greetings from way down under! This issue celebrates our 50th in the new series that was started under 'my watch' some 4+ years ago (yes it is hard to believe).
We have lots for you to read and enjoy this month with the final installment of our fab 40th; a new feature 'adventure trek story'; a new 'Tech & Tips' page (love to have some contributions here please) plus all the newsy stuff that is occurring around many regions in NZ as well as Australia and the USA
My thoughts are with our fellow members in the States enduring bleak wintry weather and our Australian friends experiencing bush fires and heat waves - what a contrast.
Until next month, enjoy the read, Ron and my email address is:
PS - Happy Valentines Day for the 14th


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