Author Topic: FINZ - Mag of CLC NZ APRIL 2014 - Former NZ Prime Minister 's Caddy!  (Read 818 times)

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Hello all from NZ and second month of autumn (your 'fall'). Temps are cooling in the morning even in my summery part of the country.
This month sees a very unusual and unique former NZ Prime Minister's Caddy, looking as nice today as it probably was many decades ago
There's the usual stories from around the regions and globe as well as CLC Australia - Michael Holding's great 'continent crossing' and we start the first chapter of the history of La Salle.
In closing, we salute one of motoring history's all-time great cars that celebrates its 50th Anniversary on the 17th of April. Can you guess what it may be?
Happy reading and until next month, Ron
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