Author Topic: April 2014 North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club Newsletter  (Read 1025 times)

Happy April

You know what April brings?  Pate, warm weather, April showers, car shows, flowers, grass and  weeds in the yard, and - oh, did I mention Pate?     Yes, Pate Swap Meet.  The unofficially, third  largest swap meet in the country.  This is the 40th year that then Pate Swap Meet has been held on the last week of April.  We are one of the 17 car clubs privileged to help out and work the swap meet and want as many members to be there, Saturday, April 19th for setup - get there by 9:30 and get a fresh doughnut to start the day; then come on out from the 25th to the 26th to work in the NTXCLC tent and meet and greet swap meet customers and potential members; and then Sunday the 27th round noon time to help tear down what we put up.  The more of you that comes out, the faster it goes.

You will want to check out page 5 for the Kruzin 4 Kids car show and general NTXCLC meeting, and then get yourself registered for the InterRegional meet May 29, 30, 31, June 1.  See pages 6 and 7.

We have more stuff going on and stuff comes up suddenly to, so ya'all getting the newsletter by email are the first to know about it.

By the way, should you do something real dumb and delete your copy of the newsletter from your computer, no problem, as a copy is always available on the CLC forum/newsletters.

Happy Trails   ;D
B. Levy
41 61S Fastback
68 Sedan DeVille
68 Coupe DeVille
73 Fleetwood Brougham
01 Eldorado ETC
06 STS 1SG


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