66 Caddy previous owner who really loves the rattle can :)

Started by Chuck Swanson, April 09, 2014, 06:58:20 PM

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Chuck Swanson

OK, been buying cars for years and have seen people cover up stuff with a rattle can, but this one takes the cake  :o


At least the seller is being up front about it: 
"The main overall complaint we have with the interior of this Cadillac is the dye work someone has done to most of the surfaces. It would greatly benefit from some time spent detailing...."  Dye work...lol.  Detailing?...maybe with some paint thinner  ;)

Besides the spray under car and engine compartment, they actually sprayed over the gas pedal, ash trays, etc... ;D  I can't believe it has one legit bid.   Did they actually spray paint the carpet??

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Nice car,  wonder where the rest of the AC and the light sentinel went.

Jon S


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They left the condenser in place and you can see the evaporator outlet and the compressor bracket. would take a "bit" to reactivate the AC.
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