Back with the new Eldorado

Started by Cooke, April 19, 2014, 01:19:30 PM

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I picked up the 68 from Jim Beard last weekend and drove it 972 miles back to Connecticut. Its a great driving car needs a new master cylinder but that is on its way. I guess I like covered headlights, the other car is my 79 Town Coupe with 38,000 miles. Really like both of them but the Eldorado is more fun to drive.


Nice pair!

The Eldorado looked like a really clean car, good buy.

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

Congrats on your purchase. Re the master cylinder... do a search of all the posts on 68 Eldo master cylinders. Be careful what you buy. Most vendors sell the wrong one.
HTH, Bob
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Jeff Rose CLC #28373

I guess driving wasn't the problem.... Just stopping!!
Jeff Rose
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Rich S

You acquired a real treasure! Even though an example of "the other luxury car," the Town Coupe is gorgeous, too! Good luck with those real American luxury coupes!
Rich Sullivan CLC #11473

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C.R. Patton II

Hello Martin

Very nice Eldorado from Jim Beard, a great CLC member.  I look forward to viewing the car this summer in Lake George.
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The Master only started leaking about half way through the trip, I kept an eye on all fluids at every fuel stop (about every 4 hours) since I was new to the car. I had to add brake fluid every other stop so it was really too bad and I was obviously cautious about braking although the pedal never went near the floor. The oil level never moved at all or any others.

I am planing to be at Lake George, the car looks better in pictures and I think a repaint is in the future but probably not before Lake George.


Looking good Martin!          Park next to me at Lake George.  My car is far from perfect too, so don't worry about it.