Know anyone that installs early 40s glass in SE Wisconsin?

Started by Joe Bergeson, March 26, 2014, 06:03:08 PM

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Joe Bergeson

Really having trouble findinging someone who knows how to install windshield and rear glass in my 41 model 6227 in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.  Anyone have suggestions?
Joe B
Joe B

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

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Steve Passmore

I think what Bob may be suggesting Joe is that you could fit it yourself. If you decide to go down that route I wrote a comprehensive piece a few years back about screen fitting which might help you.  Its not a job for the faint hearted and there were a few small differences in 41 screens compared with the earlier cars but it can be done by the layman if he's well prepared and has the right materials.

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Joe Bergeson

No gentleman ... I don't have the Fisher Body manual or the fortitude or physical capability to try this myself as loss most of feeling in my hands.  Very frustrating as would prefer to do this myself but at the mercy to hirer assistance, sad to say.   Thanks for the response and will figure out how to accomplish this one why or the other.
Joe B

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

I'm sorry to hear about your health issue. However... I STILL suggest you get the manual. Reproductions are dirt cheap. It will help whoever helps you with this task.
HTH, Bob
1968 Eldorado slick top ,white/red interior
2015 Holden Ute HSV Maloo red/black interior.
Too much fun is more than you can have.

Joe Bergeson

That's a great suggestion Bob, I will do so.  Thanks again.
Joe B
Joe B

harvey b

You could try calling some of the heavy equipment shops and see if they have anyone who does their windows,a lot of the machinery has glass that is held in similar to the old cars?,maybe someone there could recommend someone.even try some bodyshops and see if they have any recommendations,especially if it is a shop that does restorations or hot rods?. Harvey
Harvey Bowness


You might inquire of Bennett Coachworks - Bob Bennett.
1500 N 4th St

Tell him Dave Yaros sent you.
Dave Yaros
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Joe Bergeson

Thanks for the recommendations Harvey and Dave.  Great leads.
Joe B
Joe B


Hi Joe,

If you are willing to drive to Libertyville, IL, I would suggest that you contact Jerry Brzezinski at 847-362-4883.  He was recommended to me by a fellow Chicago area CLC member who had Jerry do some glass installation work on an old Pontiac or Olds.  He has been in the glass business for many years and seems to  know his way around old cars.  I had Jerry reseal the original windshield on my 1954 Series 62 last summer and plan to have him replace the windshield on another old car.  He has a very small shop and he and his son do nothing but auto glass work.
Ed Leed
CLC #26541
Ed Leed CLC #26541

Joe Bergeson

Thanks for the info.  A bit of a drive with no windshield and don't have a trailer.  Bottom line ... once I have the glass installed if I have issues I know who to call.  Thanks much, very helpful Ed.
Joe B