How much extra length does a continental kit add to a 1951 Cadillac convertible.

Started by dino, April 20, 2014, 09:11:08 AM

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The 1951 Cadillac convertible is 215.8" long.  I need to know approximately what the addition of a continental kit would add to the length of the car. This is for a standard  "factory style " kit,   not some wild over extended custom creation.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks...
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Well, it would have to add the width of the spare wheel mounted in the vertical position, plus a bit for movement.

Was there ever a "Factory" continental kit made for these cars?

All the ones I have seen appear to be aftermarket types.

The best ones I have seen, that is the ones that all are the same are those made for the '55 to '57 Chevs.   They appear to be the best that the factory could have made, as they are all the same.   That is the ones which place a section within the bumper bar, and have the twin horisontal bars.

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If you are as lucky as me it will make it 3 inches too long to fit in your garage.
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Quentin Hall

     The 50 thru 53 kits from the aftermarket suppliers are essentially the same with some variations . I have seen 3 different types, though all very similar.  One style  starts directly under the boot lid gap and others about 2 inches down the valance.
I have replicated a couple of kits but presently I am unsure if I like them enough to install.
But to answer your question, they project the bumper 9 1/4 inches. I have not seen one for the 50 thru 53s that does not bring the bumper out as a whole.
     The 54 55 56 57 and 58 ( I believe these were factory "approved accessories" )  utilised a curved centre bumper section which left the bumper ends in their original position.
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I rode in Kent Shishler's '50 coupe up a hill in the Quad Cities on the way to the Des Moine GN. It dragged on the brick street some (and not because I was in the back seat). The "best" ones, as noted, moved the bumper out at least eighteen inches. Somewhere, I have the cast pot metal label from one that said, "Continental."

I would love to see a conversion on the back of a 1941 60S which has the rear door similar to the '42-48 Continental quarter window.
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