First time out in the open

Started by Two Crabs, May 04, 2014, 11:02:38 AM

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Two Crabs

Pulled my 73 out of the barn today.

Little chilly at 60 degrees but with the heat on it is do able.

Two Crabs
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gary griffin

Gary Griffin

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beautiful.  looks like a really well preserved example
Ivar Markusson.  icelandic cadillac club (part of CLC)
73 Eldorado coupe.


I'm terribly jealous!  Mine looks very much the same but the last few weekends have either had rain or family & work conflicts when I wanted to take it out.  Hopefully next weekend will be good!

Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for a happy season of driving.
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TJ Hopland

My 73 is still sleeping for the winter.   Not sure what its like at home since I'm not there but I know it was no where near 60 where I am.
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C.R. Patton II

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Lovely car and a wonderful picture!!

My 73 is still in the garage, I am working on replacing the front filler panels right now, but we still are in early spring up here by the Arctic Circle (still below freezing most nights and some snow left here and there).

/Rikard Stenberg


over here 60° is  what we call a good summerday :D
Ivar Markusson.  icelandic cadillac club (part of CLC)
73 Eldorado coupe.