GN Touring Class?

Started by Jeff Wilk, June 09, 2014, 09:31:48 PM

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Dan LeBlanc

If we go by book definitions, I'm up the creek either way.

Last year, my car had scored 89.5.

Objectively looking at the car, I can see where I got deductions:

Engine had wrong colour blue on valve covers from when the gaskets were replaced
Car was sporting radial tires (including spare)
Clock was not working
I have a parking lot ding on a door, three areas where the lacquer is checking about the size of a dollar bill folded in half, and a scratch on the c-pillar
Power seat was not working
Windshield washer was not working
Minor discoloration on some of the glass
Wrong radiator cap and hose clamps from when the hoses were changed
Guidematic was not working - on a 61 you can't turn it off, so there was a deduction for non-working lights
Wrong headlight bulbs

What has been corrected:

Clock has been serviced, works great
Visible engine components and accessories have been painted proper colors, all other underhood items cleaned
US Royal 2 1/4" bias ply tires have been fitted (car came with Firestones but the Firestone WW is 1/4" too wide to be correct)
Power seat transmission ahs been serviced, works in all directions
Windshield washer has been serviced, works great
T3 headlamps have been fitted
Guidematic has had the burned out capacitors replaced and has been calibrated, works fantastically well (albeit a bit annoying at times)
Hoses and clamps have been corrected

With all that said, I should be in around a 92.5-93.  Disqualified from touring class, but scoring low enough to potentially not place in primary.

So, like I said, I'm out of luck either way.  I'm not about to paint the car or change the glass to chase a trophy.
Dan LeBlanc
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car

Walter Youshock

Mike is correct on the judging PROCESS.  EACH car is judged upon it's own merits.  It all boils down to the total tabulated POINTS.  If two cars average out to 93's, than those two cars could tie for a first or second place in that class.

A fully-restored car can look like a museum piece but be way off on authenticity, thereby lowering its score.  A car such as Dan's is a benchmark of authenticity but may be chastised for some checking in the ORIGINAL lacquer, wear on a seat or a scratch in the ORIGINAL chrome.  To me, these cars are in a class by themselves.

Quite honestly, I'd be more honored to come home with a Past President's award than a first in Primary.  An original car is an original car...
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1957 Coupe deVille
1991 Brougham


Quote from: Walter Youshock on June 11, 2014, 09:42:57 AM

Quite honestly, I'd be more honored to come home with a Past President's award than a first in Primary.  An original car is an original car...

I agree. I have thought that this is why the Past Presidents category was created.

Jim Eccleston
1961 Coupe de Ville
Senior Crown
DeCou Driving Award x 4

Dan LeBlanc

No worries, I've applied to be judged for a past president's award. 

If successful on getting a first in primary and a past president's award, I may take a break from showing competitively.  I find that all I've been doing since I've got the car is get it ready to be judged with little time to enjoy the car because I don't want to do the in-depth detailing required to get it ready for judging.  Time to enjoy it.

Someday I may try for a senior at AACA and when the GN is close by again I'd go try for my senior there if I get a primary first this year.  I know that won't be until 2017 at the earliest if it's back in the northeast.
Dan LeBlanc
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car