Y job and 53 Eldo Folding top Mechanism again

Started by Quentin Hall, June 29, 2014, 06:06:55 PM

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Quentin Hall

Gee whiz , Yet another of my posts got accidentally deleted. HMMMMMmmmm.  Luckily I have saved the link so the rest of those interested can read it.


So it is interesting to see this top mechanism on the Y job that was fully automated so early in the evolution of convertibles. This system is not too different to the way most modern tops operate. 
The Y job was a Prototype and subsequently no production car used this system until the 53 Eldo was unveiled.

   Nevertheless the 53 Eldo was a bit more incongruous in execution and usage. Whilst the roof was hydraulically operated on the Eldo, the parade boot was a manual affair.  As I help restore an early production 53 Eldo I can see how "developmental" the design of the Eldo was. It was almost a work in progress. To get the top to sit flat under the boot is quite tricky , especially when the bodywork modifications from one car to another vary quite considerably, it must have been quite a challenge for the assembly crews to get a nice fit and finish. After about 50 cars the parade boot was altered to allow the roof to recess better.
Also interesting is the "Bill" Boyer 52 conv. Close inspection reveals a sectioned body at the trunk line and also a shortened wheelbase into a two seater configuration. This car also used a dissapearing top as used on the Y job. Although I am not certain if it is fully hydraulically operated.  (the link below is two pages of images so make sure you look at both.)

53 Eldo #412.
53 Eldo #433
53 series 62 conv
39 Sixty Special Custom
57 Biarritz