GN Road Trip Prep and Supplies???

Started by Jeff Wilk, June 22, 2014, 06:21:54 AM

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Jeff Wilk

We are going to be driving our 59 Fleetwood the roughly 500 miles round trip to Lake George and we are wondering what we MUST pack in the trunk for emergencies. Tools are a must, but what about spare parts?  Here is what weve done over the past two years to an all original AZ car that had an engine rebuild in the '70s then sat in my garage for 25 years untouched:

Total front end disassembly and rebuild
New water pump, radiator, and hoses

Rebuilt generator

Rebuilt tri-power

New fuel pump, gas tank and fuel lines

Trans reseal and new lines

New PS hoses

New heater core and hoses

All new A/C system rebuild

New wiper motor

New brake booster, MC, lines, hoses, wheel cylinders, shoes

New glass mat battery

NOS voltage regulator

So other than my cell phone and AAA and Hagerty Roadside Emergency phone numbers what else do we pack "just in case"

Jeff & Noah
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For long trips, I always bring a spare:

fuel pump & filter
voltage regulator
variety of bulbs
various gauges of wire and connectors
a supply of hoses - upper and lower radiator, plus lengths of heater, fuel, and vacuum

Some of these have never been needed, but when others were, I was very glad to have them.

Which class did you decide to register in?

Jim Eccleston
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The Tassie Devil(le)

How far and often have you driven the car since completing all the afore-mentioned fixes?

If it has been regularly driven, then you shouldn't need any spare parts.

500 miles really isn't that far.

But, if it has been rarely driven, then be prepared for the worst.

Bruce. >:D
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Jay Friedman

Besides the parts Jim listed, for my '49 I always bring a distributor rotor.  In fact, to make it easier, in place of ignition parts I usually bring a complete spare distributor since on a '49 it is quicker and easier to change the entire distributor than to change the parts.   Also, if there is room in  the trunk I bring a complete spare generator.  I'm paranoid about these items since on 15 or so long trips in the 30 years I've owned the car, the only parts which have ever failed are the rotor (twice) and a generator armature.  These incidents make for good tire kicking stories but I'll save them for the GN. 

I'm driving my '49 1,000 miles each way to Lake George from Georgia and have been busy getting it ready.  Hope to see you guys there.   
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Barry M Wheeler #2189

I'll step out the door and push the starter button. Go downtown and turn left. This is the second year in a row we take (most) of the same route east. Our highway in town leads straight east. I'm looking forward to seeing how much better the gas mileage on the new ATS will be when there is no town driving. It's sitting on 22.5 right now. I'll be thinking of you guys in the older iron. Safe highways to all of you.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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Bill Hedge CLC 14424


Based upon my experiences with my 59 I would agree with Jim and Jay.  I would not leave home without a spare generator and voltage regulator.  A sturdier jack might also be wise.


Hi Jeff,
I would pack some extra fluids, fuses, and belts for the trip. Probably a great idea to take a fire extinguisher and a camera also.
Have a great trip!
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Jay Friedman

I agree with Bill and SixDucks and always take a scissors jack (wouldn't want to spoil a bumper's finish with the original jack) as well as a fan belt, radiator hose, gear oil and brake fluid.  Forgot to mention the CDC membership directory to be used to call the nearest member for a recommended towing company and/or mechanic in case of a break down.  You never know, he/she might even come and bail you out personally.  As SixDucks mentions, a fire extinguisher is a must, all the more so since it's a requirement on the show field for judging. 
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David King (kz78hy)

All great tips.  The CLC directory is very good one.  Your car is not that weird and parts are available at most national parts stores, so what ever might happen should  not be to bad.  If you have a classic car insurance company, be sure to add towing  on the policy so you can get flat bedded to safe spot.

For me, I carry al the spares that are not available, but most of that is due to the car being an Eldorado Brougham.

Looking forward to meeting up with you Jeff.

David King
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Walter Youshock

Make sure to CHECK THE AIR IN THE SPARE!!!  Or at least take a can of Fix-A-Flat.  I know that stuff has its detractors but last year coming back from Boston, one of the cars got a BAD tire gash.  And, of course, there was no air in the spare!!!  Thankfully a fellow member with an air pump stopped to help us out.
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Eric S. Maypother #15104

Besides the car parts I'd also bring bottles of drinking water (as well as radiator water or antifreeze) granola bars or non perishable food and snacks incase you get stranded for hours somewhere, first aid kit, if you change belts or stuff on side of road your sure to get cuts on your hands, then hand sanitizer and cleaner. I always leave a blanket in car to but I don't think you'll need it in summer, though it came in handy when I had to crawl under car on way to show before to remove dragging exhaust. I also always keep a bottle of window cleaner and paper towels in trunk. Sometimes in New England you get tons of bugs on windshield driving at night.
Have a good trip, I'm looking forward to going again this year.
Eric :)
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C.R. Patton II

Hello Jeff

You have received some great advice from the previous posts.  I look forward to seeing your Fleetwood.  I only have a humorous injection to include.  If you were driving a LaSalle you would need a trailer for the trophies you will receive!
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Dan LeBlanc

I'm taking my cell phone and Visa card and hoping for the best.

If a generator goes, I'll do an alternator swap and put the generator back on for show purposes.

Fuel pump, water pump?  In these days of the Internet and Fedex, one can have these parts next day.

Points, condensor, distributor cap, rotor, all commonly available at many parts stores.

Being Catholic, I will bring my St. Christopher medal.
Dan LeBlanc
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Don't forget beer . Nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road while waiting for a tow and sobriety sets in  . Only for emergencies mind you .
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Lucas Feininger #15674

Make sure to bring a spare set of keys and keep them on your person. At the 2000 GN a prominent member of the CLC community arrived in a 1967 de Ville convertible and promptly locked his keys in the trunk. It took several hours and some expense to get the trunk opened. His wife was NOT amused.

See you in Lake George!
Lucas Feininger
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