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Started by BigBarko, July 04, 2014, 03:28:42 PM

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I have been a Cadillac fan since I was a kid and saw the first episode of the Dukes of Hazzard with Boss Hoggs big old white convertible.  My first Caddy was a 1985 Sedan DeVille with 200k+ miles and now I have 3 old girls that I love.  The 38' 60S I just bought off a gentleman who purchased it from a LeMay auction and I am trying to research how long Harold LeMay owned it.  The 62' Park Avenue I love with its short tail and she is the closest to being a weekend driver with just a trip to the tranny shop to get tuned.  The 56' has patina that cannot be duplicated, she was stored in a horse pasture and the residents used her hood to sharpen their teeth. Only Mother Nature can give a custom paint job like that!

I run a website and am setting up a business to export old American metal to Sweden.  The problem is every time I buy a Caddy with plans to ship it I fall in love and cannot part with her.  I do mostly cosmetic restorations and I am looking forward to doing a full on frame off at some point to a deserving car.  My goal is to preserve to an OCD level as much as possible which gets in the way of finding that frame off candidate.  Most of all I want to drive these American classics as much as possible, they want to be on the road!

Here is to great conversations and gaining as much knowledge as possible about these old Caddys!


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1947 Cadillac Series Sixty One
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Brett Baird

Welcome.  Thanks for sharing your passion for Caddys.
B Baird
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