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plastic -it

Started by blazin, January 06, 2015, 11:39:40 AM

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I am trying to repair the nylon gear in the same manner that Mike Casio did and he metioned he bought plastic it off ebay.
I cannot find it on ebay and I was wondering if anyone had any leads on a good product to make my oow plastic molded piece.
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Dan LeBlanc

I know Mike will be making another one soon for his car.  Maybe he could make a second one while he's at it?
Dan LeBlanc
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I assume you are talking about the cruise control switch nylon gear. I had a company make one for me 9 years ago before the current 3D printing technology. It cost me $130. Right after that a used parts supplier called and said they had a unbroken one. That's my luck.
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I heard you had some made out of steel.
I am thinking of going the 3d route but mine is not complete. I will have to see if they can draw in the missing section.
Do you have any suggestions?
James Seeley 1962 series 62 coupe, 1962 eldorado convertible