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Started by Bill Young, November 30, 2014, 10:42:18 AM

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Bill Young

I own a 1961 Cadillac Sedan DeVille 4 window in Code Paint 24 Dresden Blue with Trim 43 Blue Cromwell Cloth with blue leather bolsters.It is a Basic Group A Car Acc. E,H,Y.  She was shipped originally to Feldner Cadillac Incorporated on 278 River Street Hackensack New Jersey phone 487-0770. I got this information from an oil change sticker on the drivers door I carefully removed with a razor blade and retained in My Cars folder. Does anyone have any information about this Dealer or photos of it then or is the building still there etc. ? Any help would be more than I have now. I bought My Car in January 2013 from the Grandson of the 2nd owner in Minn. it was put in a windowless garage in 1979 with 29,000 original miles and I bought it with 31,811 miles. My Car is all original paint and interior. I will post photos if anyone cares.

Bill Young

Figures! , Thank You Art.  And great to hear from You.
Sincerely , Bill Young


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Photo from Google Earth
Glen Houlton CLC #727 
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Bill Young

Glen , Thank you for the photo. Unless I have missed my guess the original Cadillac Dealership building that occupied this address is long gone. Does anyone have anything on that original building , or did someone's Car come from this same Dealer?

Matt CLC#18621

Feldner Cadillac was purchased by Brogan Cadillac of Ridgewood (NJ), circa 1990's.
Brogan Cadillac of Ridgewood was purchased by Cadillac of Mahwah (NJ).
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Tom Hall 7485

Mr. Young, I think you are maybe looking at an oil change sticker that is not 53 years old.  Does it have a date on it?

A 1957 directory in the W. Y. collection and a 1963 directory in my collection list the Hackensack distributor as W. H. Peters, Inc. 

You have the address right.
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Bill Young

Tom, What is the W.Y. collection?, anyway there is no date on the oil change sticker. I do not have $50.00 extra dollars to order the build sheet for My Car. However even if I did, my understanding is that the Cadillac Motor Car Division has lost all records of what outlet codes belonged to which Dealers. That said the full reason I assumed Feldner was the selling Dealer was the man I bought the Car from said his grandfather who had owned the Car since the 1970's ( who stored it in 1979 with 29,000 miles on it ) was the car had been originally from New Jersey and the car had little over 31,00 miles on it in January 2013 when I got it and the oil change sticker that was mostly intact on the top and it looked like a 1960's vintage Dealer sticker. So now You know what I know. Perhaps Feldner was a sub Dealer to W.H. Peters? as the old Dealer distribution system lasted till 1965.

Walter Youshock

That refers to some of the lists I've collected over the years. 
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Bill Young

The phone book idea is good, however I don't live in New Jersey.

Tom Hall 7485

No, Mr. McNeff, there is no book listing all of the Cadillac dealers over 111 years.

You are probably wise to save your money, Mr. Young, because for a 1961 car that seems to have gone to New Jersey early on, GM Heritage Center/Allied-Vaughn probably would not or could not identify the retailer.  They could identify the distributor by a number, which they often cannot or will not decode.  Then it would be guesswork as to whether the car was sold at retail by that distributor or resold to another Cadillac dealer in the distributor's territory, whatever that consisted of.

Feldner Cadillac-Oldsmobile was not a sub-dealer to W. H. Peters.  Both were in Hackensack, just at different times.  Feldner didn't come along until the 1970s.
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Attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck NJ  in the mid 70's there was across the Hackensack River,  Feldner Cadillac.   Keeping an eye on the used car lot and new car deliveries filled in spare time between classes.
Dad bought our 54 Fleetwood from W.H Peters and John Schneider, then salesman, was a customer of Dad's.  Schneider rose to buying the dealership from Peters and it became Schneider Cadillac at the same location on River Street, Hackensack.   He then sold to Feldner Cadillac.  The dates are not clear to me but certainly W.H. Peters in the 50's, late 60's early 70's Schneider, mid 70's Feldner.
The Cadillac NY Zone Office was right across the River in Teaneck NJ.  Not sure about the previous post regarding Brogan Cadillac buying out Feldner, doesn't make sense.
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Bill Young

Thank You both for this facinating information. Boy I Love that original invoice for your Dads car!. Do you have record of Schneider Cadillac's Dealer Outlet Code ? , that would be the only interesting piece of information from the build sheet for my 1961 Cadillac. I bet dollars to doughnuts the selling Dealer for my car was Schneider's. The Feldman oil change sticker must date then to sometime in the 1970's which fits with what I was told that sometime in the 70's my car was moved from New Jersey to Minn. By the way if any member would like a color copy of that oil change sticker for themselves the dealer portion is intacked I would be glad to make a color copy for you. Just E-Mail me at mercguy1@aol.com As an aside I have a copy of the Dealer invoice from 1969 when my mother traded her 1966 Cadillac Calais 4 door hardtop for a 1 year old 1968 Cadillac DeVille Convertible.