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1956 cadillac headlight bezel

Started by fredneck872, January 07, 2015, 11:13:06 PM

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Please help I have a 1956 Cadillac with apparently two different front fenders.  The headlight bezels are different,  the left fender looks the same but the headlight bezel opening is larger on the top corners by only 1/4 inch or so from the right headlight bezel.  I know it is a 1956 model but does anyone know if the different models such as a limo or hearse, etc. have the larger headlight bezel?


Looks like that fender may be crunched...pushed down on top. There are two fenders..the limo and commercial cars had a flat side and all others are stepped on the side (where the horizontal trim is) They are all the same in the headlight area.
Cheers,Pat MacPhail

Roger Zimmermann

There is only one part number for the 1956 bezel. The headlamp aperture is very soft; with the adequate "massaging" you should be able to correct that mishappen without too much trouble.
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Eldo and Roger are correct.  The front clip is the same on these cars.
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thank you for all the great replies the only thing that worries me is I had the correct bezel for that fender and it did fit,the chrome shop lost it so I'm not sure what to do :( Fred

J. Gomez


Your only alternative is to see the part # on both left and right bezels and see if the only in question matches with the MPL.

Section 14 on the MPL should list the part # for them.

Good luck..!
J. Gomez
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Thank You J Gomez what is the MPL ?

J. Gomez


Is the Master Parts List.

The older copies would have the lighting under group 14 the newer version would be under group 2.

If you do not a copy you can check the MCLC site;
J. Gomez
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TonyZappone #2624

Light bezels are same.  Front clips are not.  I learned that the hard way when I damaged the front fender on a series 75.  Series 75 and commercial chassis fenders are more like the 54 and 55 fenders.
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Thank You J Gomez,  and all other inquiries for the valuable information ,being new to this site I have had all very good responses, and I thank all of you ,I have a few years left on this car but when its done it will be worth it  :)  :) after this problem is fixed hopefully I don't have to get a new Fender than its glass and interior.


thank  you Tony for the reply I'm still flabbergasted on this Fender because 54 and 55 bezels are different than the 56 that's why it's so confusing